NURSERY SCHOOL'S 42nd ANNUAL ART SHOW - April 20-23 2015

Our schoolís 42nd annual Art Show theme was "CELEBRATING THE SEASONS OF OUR EARTH". This was reflected in the Narthex centerpiece. Each of the 20 classes contributed something to the centerpiece. The teachers selected several pieces of art work from each child to be displayed throughout the building. Many of the pieces are artistic creations that the children made throughout the year, reflecting the subject they were learning at the time. Thatís over 500 works of art which were hung by the many Nursery School parent volunteers. The extremely creative and dedicated school staff spend countless hours collecting and mounting the art work for each of the children in their class. They also give of their free time to set up and take down the display in the Narthex.
We hope you enjoyed "Celebrating the Seasons of Our Earth" during the week. Our Annual Open House was held Wednesday, April 22nd, 6 - 8 pm