"St. Andrew's Candid Camera Album 2010 - 2015"
A Candid History of activities that go on at our Church & to the People in Our Congregation
Also E-Mail Us Your Photos Of Weddings & Special Events To Share With Everyone On Our Candid Camera Page
Your Cell Phone And Ipad Pictures Make Good Webphotos, Not Just Your Digital Cameras
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Send us your candid photos so we may add them here also. (Note: Cell Phone Photos are also acceptable quality for Webpage pictures)

ABOUT OUR CANDID CAMERA PAGE - The Candid Camera Page is another way we want people to find out more about our SAUMC people. Our Photos will help people recognize others at Church and know their names. This will be as useful for our long time members as well as new people coming into St. Andrew's . Not only will you learn their names, and/or other family members, but it will give us all a chance to learn something more about each other, both at Church and Outside. It will also give something to talk about with them. To start with we want to learn about what you did on vacation. Send us your trip photos. Maybe someone might want to go there next summer and will want to find out your experiences.
Doing something special in the near future? Let the webmaster know and send him a photo

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