The Book selections at "St. Andrews UMC Library" are based upon what might stimulate ideas, provoke thought, satisfy curiosity and entertain readers.  Whenever there's a book sitting on the table waiting to be opened, don't you anticipate those moments of relaxation?  It's a time when you can get lost in the life of a story or awake to the new fact or concept discovered?  Then you pause to digest and reflect the joy of the unexpected moment. 

St. Andrews UMC Library provides the opportunity to enhance lives in the areas of fiction, spiritual growth, parenting, theology, aging, missions and much more. Our diversity also includes books on a variety of religions along with Methodism.  Check us out in the Church Lounge.
In November 2008 the second library was opened in the Graf Room. The final phase of the Adult Library expansion took place in the second week of December with the opening of a Reference Library in the Church Conference Room

"The Upper-Room" Magazine is also available free for all those who wish to have one. These may be picked up at the displays in the Church Lounge




The "St. Andrews UMC Children's Library" is grateful to Susan Marshall for our beautiful mural. Look closely and you'll "find" more and more animals, insects and other rich detail.  The children are delighted with the mural. Our thanks to Susan who volunteered her time, talent, and inspiration.

Susan Marshall has a design business in Cherry Hill called Custom Design Interiors. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Fine Arts and Technical Theatre Design. Her specialty is designing interior spaces "around" artwork. Techniques include faux finishes and custom artwork, including murals. Susan credits the great painters such as Rubens, Monet, and O'Keefe for her inspiration. She's won numerous awards and has had her work featured on HGTV and Better Home and Gardens Magazine.