is a loose-knit group whose sole purpose is to enjoy each other's company over good food. The idea is to get to know new people and to enjoy Christian fellowship. This is not a couples club. Singles are always welcome and do participate regularly. Each group decides when and where they will meet.
  • The Eat-In Group usually take turns hosting meals and everyone else brings a dish. - John or Bernadette Exley are the Coordinators of this group.
  • The Eat-Out Group picks a different restaurant monthly for their gatherings - Meredith Blanchard is the Coordinator. Contact her at 856-848-6714.
  • Our Pizza Tours Group specializes in going to a different Pizza Restuarant each month. - Mary Layton is the Coordinator of this group

    You don't have to host at home. We've eaten at restaurants, at the church, or in the park. You decide! We recommend that all groups meet every month even if just for a quick cup of coffee. Can't make it all the time? Be a Sub! "Hey, ya gotta eat! Why not eat with friends?