Missions Commission Coordinator - Kevin Layton

This February 24th - March 2nd 2015 This will be SAUMC's 5th year traveling to the Dominican Republic to build three houses. We have 20 volunteers going, 7 volunteers are from St. Andrews the rest are from Haddonfield United Methodist Church.
We are building relationships as well as homes in the town of Los Cocos and the surrounding areas. The materials cost for one house is now $4000 Pictured below are the families that we will be building for

Members from St. Andrews travel to the mountains of the Dominican Republic to Build Up Hope in Christ by making a difference to those in need. They were part of a team from 3 local UMCs.
This mission trip cost $1,100 for each volunteer which covered airfare, housing, food and transportation.
As a Team, they also raised $3,500 to pay for the supplies for one of the house to be built. They built a total of 3 homes!