Mission Coordinators: David Treen

For a month each year St. Andrew's Missions Commission sponsors the Heifer Project.
This world mission program purchases a variety of animals for people around the globe, in need of food assistance.
Not just food, the animals provide continued sustainability of income helping more than
25 million families in 125 countries
to become self-reliant by providing livestock, training and sustainable agricultural practices.

A Narthex Display Table is set up each Sunday during the month, with a list of animals and prices,
where you could stop and decide which animal to purchase.

To read the story of how & when the Heifer Project started click on one of the Heifer Emblems at the top of the page

Dave Treen wishes to express a hefty Heifer thank you to everyone who have supported the Heifer project throughout the Years.
A big thank you to Valarie Danzey and Steve Alfonzo for making this Missions project a success.
Through your generosity, St. Andrews contributed $2,898.08 in 2015 & $2575.58 in 2016 towards this global ministry.

Note, in prior years the Heifer Project was conducted in the Spring,
beginning in 2017, Heifer Project will run during the month of Sept.; details to be provided next Summer