Wayom Timoun Kingdom of Kids Orphanage - Haiti
Missions Commission Coordinator - Kristen Rone

Wayom Timoun Orphanage is part of a larger project including a school, church, and health clinic as well, directed by Pastor Antoine Jean Rigaud. Pastor Regaud has future plans of starting a second school and nutrition program in the slum area of La Saline, where many children experience hunger to the point of severe malnutrition. Some even starve to death. The need is great, and Pastor Regaud is moving forward to meet the needs of as many children as possible.

HAITI SECOND MISSION TRIP 2017 - St. Andrews will have its second Mission Team leaving for Haiti to visit Wayom Timoun Orphanage on SEPTEMBER 21-25 The Mission Team will be collecting the packages for sponsored children to the first week of next month. Please have all packages for your assigned children in the Narthex or church office no later than September 9th
Also, please remember to include $5.00 to offset shipping costs.
If you donít remember your assigned childís name or need information related to their size, please contact Kristen Rone at 856-625- 9852 or kristenrone@verizon.net. Additionally, if you donít have an assigned child but would like to contribute please consider donating a basketball or soccer ball to be given to the children of Wayom Timoun or children in the community.
Scenes from First 2017 Haiti Trip: Pastor Work's Facebook - Kristen's January Bulletin Board

Thank You For Your Support !

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