UMM MISSION PROJECT - First Cherry Hill Food Pantry

Thursday July 13th 2006 a crew from the St. Andrew's United Methodist Men Club <(UMM) collected shelving from the closed down Bed Bath & Beyond Store at the Ellisburg Shopping Center, which had donated them. These were transported to the Cherry Hill First Baptist Church where they were used to construct a store room for a new Community Food Pantry. St. Andrew's, along with 11 other Church Groups, consolidated their food collections to help the needy in the Cherry Hill and surrounding communities.
In January 2007 the UMM started working each Saturday with crew members from the other groups to renovate the Food Pantry Area. The project was completed on March 3rd. At that time the UMM toured the completed facility, following their monthy breakfast meeting.
Currently SAUMC operates a Food Pantry at the Church as one of our many Missions Programs

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